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Mirrored Bathroom Lincoln

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Alongside the sink and shower or bath, a bathroom mirror forms the holy trinity in your bathroom. Without these three features, your bathroom space is merely incomplete. 

It has been a tradition to place the mirror directly above the sink; however, depending on the bathroom layout and style, you can position your mirror somewhere else, like incorporating it into a cabinet. Whatever you choose, Mirrored Bathroom Lincoln has a wide range of bathroom mirrors in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. And we can even help you find the perfect mirror for your bathroom.

A bathroom is not complete without a mirror, and it provided multiple purposes aside from helping you see whether or not you look your best.

It can also make your bathroom appear more spacious when it reflects the light and space around. 

It would be best if you also get a quality mirror that can withstand steam or humidity. When a bathroom shower develops a considerable amount of moisture, it can damage the mirror over time if it is not steam-resistant, along with the frame that can deteriorate. 

When choosing a bathroom vanity mirror, it is vital to consider function and size. Mirrored Bathroom Lincoln can help you find the right size that will provide balance to space. We will also make sure you do not get an over or undersized mirror. Try purchasing a vanity unit and mirror simultaneously, and we can have it custom built along with the sink. If you already have a vanity unit, choose a mirror that is at least 80% of your sink or vanity width. Consider the height of the users as well. The ideal bathroom mirror height is one foot above and below the eye line of the user.  A highly recommended bathroom mirror idea is to go larger for more viewing angles and a more spacious look.

      Bathroom Vanity Mirror Types

      Wall Bathroom Mirrors

      This type of mirror comes in different shapes and sizes, but the two most common styles are rectangular and round vanity mirrors. They are considered basic options for bathroom vanity mirrors because they are easy to install. And thanks to their universal designs, they can match every decor.

      You also have the option of having two mirrors when you go with a wall-hung bathroom mirror, especially if what you have is a double sink or his and her cabinet sink design. Hang the mirrors above each basin. But a nice bathroom mirror idea that works well if you want to give the illusion of more space is to have a single wide mirror. 

      Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

      Another modern bathroom mirror idea option for bathroom vanity mirrors when your space does not have a window or good natural light source is to have an illuminated bathroom mirror. We offer them in two designs: a mirror with a plug-in system or with a battery pack. LED light bulbs are built into the mirror to illuminate the entire bathroom, creating a bright space.

      Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors

      For a more futuristic look, Mirrored Bathroom Lincoln offers Bluetooth bathroom mirror types. You can sync your music device or phone to it while providing illumination. We can also install a digital clock and wire them straight into the central electrical system. The Auto-demisting feature is also included to eliminate steam patches, so you never have to worry about wiping it down with a towel.

      Mirrored Bathroom Cabinets

      Having a mirrored bathroom Lincoln cabinet is a smart bathroom mirror idea. We can create a storage shelf and a mirror in one remarkable design. Because the mirror will act as the door to the cabinet, you will get a larger mirror, which is an excellent thing since your bathroom will appear larger and brighter.

      To view our entire bathroom vanity mirror collection, call us now to book your appointment.

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