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Master Bathroom Remodel Lincoln

Are you still living in a house where the great master bathroom only has a standard showering space with a large bathtub? If you think that your master bath is plain or dated, then maybe it is time to give it a revamp. Let Master Bathroom Remodel Lincoln bring the best luxury for you to indulge. Be ready as we promise to improve your master bath to bring more comfort, and something to look forward to after a long day. We understand that having a gorgeous master bath will help you relax and place you in a good mood.

Make a list of things you find inconvenient or like to change about your older bathroom, such as limited storage space or low lighting. When you have an old shabby shower insert or broken flooring that needs to be replaced, then a full master bath should be your priority. We can install a heated tile floor for the warm underfoot feeling, customize an elegant floor to ceiling walk-in shower, place a double vanity sink, and more. If you are concerned about the budget, Bathroom Remodel Lincoln can make a unique plan for you.

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Best Ideas For Remodeling Your Master Bathroom

Although there are many master bathroom remodeling ideas, the best ideas are the ones you think you will benefit from the most. We will make sure to integrate all of your ideas into the design and the space available.

  • Increase Bathroom Space - If you do not have a massive master bath or a free adjacent space to expand a smaller bathroom, we can develop a solution to make a small space feel larger. One of the most popular options is removing bathtubs and replacing them with an elegant shower. To free up some space, we can convert a small vanity to a pedestal sink. Adding a skylight or bay window can also increase the perceived space within your bathroom. Master bathroom remodel Lincoln is about making what you have a better place.
  • New Bathroom Flooring - A floor design, pattern, or color that blends well with your existing bathroom decor is gratifying. You can opt to replace your flooring if you believe the current one does not compliment the entire space. Some of the most popular flooring choices that can handle moisture are luxury vinyl tiles, natural stone, and hardwood. If you intend to repaint your bathroom or work with the current color, we can find a gorgeous flooring option for your master bathroom.
  • Opt for Double Sinks - Installing double sink vanity is one of the most highly recommended master bath remodel projects. It offers several benefits, such as never having to wait for your turn when you need to use the sink because somebody else is using it. Dual sink vanity also gives more storage space. With his and her feature, you can now keep your bathroom necessities apart in separate drawers and cabinets.
  • Try Digital Shower Controllers - For modern luxury, try having high-tech enabled features. One trending gadget in Lincoln right now is a digital shower where you can control temperatures, flow rate, and spray settings for the water. Master Bathroom Remodel Lincoln offers the most advanced digital showers that have wireless control units for easy access to your shower.
Bathroom Remodel Lincoln NE

Master Bathroom Remodel Cost

Knowing the Master Bathroom Remodel Cost is a great way to start your master bath remodel project. You can expect a renovation to range from $10,000 to $30,000.

If your small master bath needs a total makeover with demolition, expect it to cost between $5,000 and $15,000. You only need $1,000 to $3,500 for some minor surface-level updates, like upgraded lights, fresh coats, and new fixtures. But a major remodeling job could set you at around $12,000 or even more if you will have extravagant developments. On the other hand, square footage will play a large factor in determining the master bathroom remodel cost. Most construction companies set it at more or less $125 per square foot.

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