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Bathtubs and Showers Lincoln


A practical way to maximize the bathroom's purpose is to have a tub and a shower. If you already have these fixtures and they adhere to the standard bathtub and shower set with a 14-inch tub high, but you still covet a deeper tub, you can do so with Bathtub and Shower Lincoln. We can also build separate areas for each fixture or add some character and function by creating a modernized version.

Move the Tub

If you have ample space, segregate the tub and shower from each other. Bathroom Remodel Lincoln has prepared several ways to do this. We can place a standard-size soaking tub at one corner of the room while the shower is stored right next to it. The same glass doors can be used to frame both fixtures. If you want to keep bulky tubs isolated, we can install the tub behind the shower, but you need to pass through the shower area first to get to the tub. Using a knee wall will help when you want us to place the tube and shower next to one another. To bring on the design, tiling the walls around these two features and utilizing frameless glass will do the trick.

Remove the Tub

Having one bathtub is considered sufficient in a house. You can either have one in a master bath or keep the tub in the shared bathroom. If there is a tub that is not getting used, removing it is a sound decision. Plus, when you remove a tub, it enables you to create a roomier and comfortable walk-in shower. And once you achieve this, you can add additional showerheads, body sprays, steam, and even a bench for sitting. Removing the tub can also give you some sense of continuity to the room. And for a more attractive shower area, use glass mosaics or river stones on the shower floor. 

Move the Tub and Shower

For a more open bathroom space, try transferring the tub and shower to one corner. If you are amenable to this idea, opt for a neo-angle or corner tub because it takes up far less space than a standard one. You can let the tub fill the whole corner. To provide a room for storage space in a corner, such as a shelf for toiletries, have the tub installed. And because they are deep enough, they are considered very functional. Should you want a more attractive design, extend the wall tile from the shower up to the remaining bathroom walls.

Opt for Luxury Tub

One of the best options to upgrade a bathroom is to have a luxury tub. This will work if you do not have enough space to transfer the tub or you do not intend to remove it. Replace your 14-inch deep standard tub with a foot whirlpool or soaker tub. Bathtub and Shower Lincoln has them in an alcove and we can have it deck-mounted with a tiled side and marble top. We can also improve the standard unit by installing a claw-foot tub in the allotted space.  

Once you come up with a decision, keep in mind that tubs come in a different range of materials. You can find an affordable tub made of acrylic or if you have the budget and you want to go high-end, select enamel-coated cast iron. Showers, on the other hand, are available in fiberglass material to fancy natural stone.

Bathtubs and Showers Lincoln are available in a variety of styles. We carry tubs in standard, freestanding, claw-foot, soaking, and even whirlpool type, while our showers come in enclosed showers with doors or curtains and walk-in showers. 

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