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Choosing bathroom flooring for a new or existing home is never easy. You have to be sure that what you are buying has the toughest quality. After all, the right flooring must withstand water and humidity. Another requirement is for it to be slip-resistant and need low maintenance as much as possible. The best Bathroom Flooring Lincoln offers a wide variety of flooring to guarantee you will find one that will not only complement the wall finish but will also look great.

One of the factors that will influence your decision is your lifestyle. If you have young children, a family bathroom must have flooring that can endure pools of water and splashes. Having a slip-resistant tile for bathroom features is also necessary. The appropriate flooring materials are rubber and vinyl. They are not only hard-wearing and water-resistant, but they also come in different colors and patterns that can provide a fun and playful design. And they are soft too, making it safe for children. On the other hand, if you have the elderly living with you, having a slip-resistant and soft underfoot is also essential just in case of falls. Your options are vinyl, which comes in different finishes and looks like stone and wood; rubber, which is low maintenance and comfortable but opt for the one with a high level of resistance; and engineered wood floors, which are warmer on foot than tiles. Bathroom Flooring Lincoln can help you find the flooring that can address potential hazards.

  • Wood and Engineered Wood Bathroom Flooring

If you wish to introduce engineered wood flooring to your bathrooms, certain specifications must be followed during the application. While solid wood is made of a single piece of timber, engineered wood consists of multiple layers. A higher-quality and thick wear layer of wood is placed above the layers, from wood to plywood, organized at right angles. This may not be a good option if you have young children who will use the bathroom as the water could penetrate the surface.

  • Rubber Bathroom Flooring

Rubber material with a textured finish can prevent a slippery wet floor. With proper maintenance, this child-friendly bathroom flooring is the perfect alternative as it is easy to clean, warm underfoot, and shock absorbent. Bathroom Flooring Lincoln carries this material in different patterns and colors.

Bathroom Floor Tiles

  • Porcelain and Ceramic

There are differences between porcelain and ceramic bathroom floor tiles. For one, porcelain is composed of denser clays and fired at a high temperature for a longer period, making the material less porous and harder. Meanwhile, to produce the pattern and color of a ceramic tile, firing the surface layer is done. Keep in mind that having a very polished porcelain tile finished can result in the floor being slippery when wet, making them unfit for bathroom space. If you favor a low maintenance flooring, be warned that the grout lines between tiles can be unpleasant.

  • Vinyl or Luxury Vinyl Tile 

If you are looking for a flooring that is durable, water-resistant, warm underfoot, and with a bit of elegance, then luxury vinyl tiles complete all the mentioned requirements. There was a period when these vinyl tiles came in cheap sheets with unfashionable wood or stone patterns, but these days, luxury vinyl tile for bathroom now provides almost the same look as the real thing. Luxury vinyl tiles can be a bit pricier. For an affordable alternative, you can have a decent vinyl of linoleum for a lower price. 

  • Stone Bathroom Flooring

Some of the most popular bathroom floor tiles are stone tiles. Bathroom Flooring Lincoln provides them in attractive finish and come in different varieties. Bear in mind that natural stone is sometimes porous, so opt for marble or limestone instead. These materials are also very hard-wearing. 

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