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Bathroom Design in Lincoln

Designing a small bathroom can be a challenge, especially if you want it to be functional and beautiful at the same time. When you do not have much space to work with, a good design option can make the difference between a bathroom that looks confined and unpleasant and feels spacious and inviting.

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Here are some Bathroom Design Ideas in Lincoln for you to turn to repeatedly when remodeling or building a small bathroom.

  • Skip the tub - Who does not love a long soak after a long stressful day? However, tubs take too much space. The more comfortable ones are space hogs, while a compact tub can be so short that you can't sink into the water. If you have a small space, an advisable small bathroom design is to get rid of the tub. Do not settle for a cramped tub-shower combination that you will not be able to enjoy. But if you have an elegant master suite, you are lucky. You can even afford to place a standalone soaking tub. And if you only have a small one, go with a gorgeous tile shower instead.
  • Consider the wet-bath concept - If you opt for a tub-less bath, the next step is to ditch the shower door or shower curtain. Do not worry about how you can keep the water in the shower because Bathroom Remodel Lincoln can make the whole bathroom waterproof. The wet-bath concept has become a popular trend in the area. Expert builders will make sure to install the right surfaces, like tile for the walls and floor and vanity that is water-resistant. Because of its curbless shower design, there's no threshold to step over to enter and exit the shower area, making it one of the most luxurious bathroom designs in Lincoln.
  • Opt for Floating Sinks or Cabinetry - Floating sinks come in different materials, such as granite, glass, ceramic, concrete, cast iron, marble, steel, etc. They are great for a small bathroom as they can make space look larger by creating the illusion of expanded space. Plus, they come in attractive and cool designs. These types of sinks are mounted into the wall, which then leaves some open space between the floor. Floating sinks have many advantages but bear in mind that having them can also mean exposed plumbing. If you think floating sinks are not for you, another excellent small bathroom design alternative is floating cabinetry. It also helps create more counter space and storage underneath. A vanity that is fastened to the wall and not resting on the floor also makes the small bathroom feel larger.
  • Indulge in Wall-Mounted Toilets - One of the most significant benefits of having a wall-mounted toilet is that you get to save a lot of floor area. The fact that it is not attached to the floor means occupying zero floor space, making the room look spacious. Wall-mounted toilets also look sleek and will suit the minimalist decor. However, they can be quite expensive as they come in different modern features. Bathroom Remodel Lincoln offers affordable wall-mounted toilets once you decide you want to indulge in little luxuries.
  • Add mirrors - Having a small bathroom without good lighting or natural light source can be unappealing. Why not brighten up your space with mirrors. When you place them near the light source, such as the window or a light bulb, they will help reflect the light into other corners of the room. For more tips on mirrors and bathroom designs in Lincoln, get in touch with our experts today!

It is not easy to build a bathroom that you will love forever since trends change with time. Fortunately, some designers have carefully given thoughts on how to achieve some of the most perfect bathroom designs in Lincoln. If you need a bathroom remodel, please feel free to reach us. We would be glad to answer your questions and share more small bathroom designs.

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