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bathroom TUBS & SHOWER

Get customized bathtubs and showers from our range of  high-gloss acrylic bath systems.

BATHROOM  flooring

Choose the best floor for your bathroom from the variety of flooring available like tile, laminate, vinyl, and more.

BATHROOM  cabinets

Get a ravishing bathroom with new door styles, colors, and hardware, and choose the best designs for your ideal bathroom.

BATHROOM  layout & design

Get a gorgeous bathroom with new door styles, colors, and hardware. Choose the best designs for your ideal bathroom.

BATHROOM  counter tops

Explore the best countertop options from the wide range of granite, quartz, and more.

BATHROOM  bath products

Choose the best designs from designer toilets, sinks, shower seats, shelves, soap dishes, and window kits.

BATHROOM  accessories

Check out the latest and perfect bathroom accent pieces, including faucets, towel bars, and a lot more.

BATHROOM  vanity

Check out the latest and perfect bathroom vanity in different shapes and sizes.

Welcome to Best Bathroom Remodeling Lincoln

Bring your bathroom back to life with the help of Bathroom Remodel Lincoln. Bathroom renovations are one of the most popular home remodeling projects for many reasons. Each member of your household spends an average of 30 minutes to an hour a day in the bathroom, so making an upgrade is a great investment. Whether you intend to replace your existing vanity or just have your bathroom painted with a fresh coat- we’ll design a plan to build the ideal space you wish for while sticking to your budget.

When you work with Bathroom Remodel Lincoln, you’ll definitely receive a quick and painless bathroom remodeling project that will give you entirely new bathroom space.

We offer all types of bathroom remodeling services in Lincoln. Our experts here can do small repairs for you, or we can assist you with a total renovation of one or more bathrooms. We can meet all your residential and business needs!

A bathroom contains a few common elements such as a sink and a toilet. Properly installing and repairing these elements will save your home from major water damage and wear and tear. Bathroom Remodel Lincoln can install a sink with a vanity, cabinetry, or a pedestal-style sink that’s perfect as a stand-alone item. We have a well-trained team of experts to ensure these items not only look perfect but that they also function well!

Beyond that, full baths also have a shower, tub, or a combination of shower/tub. The installation of these pieces takes time and precision. You don’t want a contractor who will rush through the installation of a tub or shower. After all, you’ll be using it every day! If you are confused with the options you have, we guarantee to develop a stunning, unique design for you.

Best Bathroom Remodeling Lincoln

Some bathrooms have spa tubs or other specific tubs that are designed with balance. While these might present problems for other bathroom remodeling contractors in Lincoln, they do not for us! We can guide you to figure out the perfect layout for remodeling your bathroom as well as making it aesthetically pleasing.

Concrete is becoming a popular residential flooring option because of its versatility, sheet vinyl, laminate flooring, and vinyl tiles all are all good affordable choices for the bathroom as well. Bathroom Remodel Lincoln has specialists in this field who are expertly trained to install all types of flooring to give you exactly what you’re looking for!

These elements don’t hold themselves in place, though! Caulking and grout are also vital pieces of the puzzle. This is the key element that prevents water from leaking underneath your flooring and molding around the floor. If you decide to go with tile floors or a shower lining, you’ll need to make sure that your contractor knows how to apply the grout to complete your overall bathroom look.

Bathroom Remodeling Lincoln can also install shelves, cabinets, mirrors, and hardware to put the finishing touches on your gorgeous new bathroom. Most of the bathroom storage spaces are short, and not considered the “nicest” rooms in your home, but we can change all of that for you! Give Bathroom Remodel Lincoln a call today!

Why Choose us


We provide complete Bathroom Remodeling Lincoln services within affordable cost having the best team, we never take any kind of extra charges for any of the services.  


We provide complete Bathroom Remodeling Lincoln services within affordable cost having the best team, we never take any kind of extra charges for any of the services.  


We provide complete Bathroom Remodeling Lincoln services within affordable cost having the best team, we never take any kind of extra charges for any of the services.  


We provide complete Bathroom Remodeling Lincoln services within affordable cost having the best team, we never take any kind of extra charges for any of the services.  


We provide complete Bathroom Remodeling Lincoln services within affordable cost having the best team, we never take any kind of extra charges for any of the services.  


We provide complete Bathroom Remodeling Lincoln services within affordable cost having the best team, we never take any kind of extra charges for any of the services.  

Clients Feedback

Vanessa Y.

" They offer the best bathroom accessories and also install them with the best means! I would recommend it to everyone!"

Gavin K.

" Tremendous work! They can deal with any of your bathroom problems, provide thousands of ideas for bathroom designs. Highly recommended."

 Bathroom Remodeling Lincoln
Gabriella T.

" I badly needed a bathroom remodel but my budget is limited. Thankfully, I found a solution with Bathroom Remodel Lincoln and they give my bathroom a new life without spending a fortune. "


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Best Bathroom
Remodel in Lincoln

If you think your bathroom needs a revamp, whether you want a full overhaul or improve one or two features of the room, trust Bathroom Remodel Lincoln as we guarantee to give you the ideal bathroom you deserve.

Affordable Bathroom Remodeling Lincoln

If you think remodeling a bathroom is one of the most costly home projects, think again. With precise planning, creativity, and a hardworking team, Affordable Bathroom Remodel Lincoln can revamp your bathroom without you spending a fortune.

Bathroom Remodeling Prices Lincoln

Prices to remodel a bathroom vary and will depend on factors like the size, space, specific design plans, and material costs. Expect Bathroom Remodeling Prices Lincoln to range from budget work (for small bathroom repairs and replacement) to high-end (for luxurious bathroom full remodel).


As a house owner, selecting the material for your house can be quite overwhelming because of a lot of choices that you can just choose from. However, you would like to know what is the best flooring for a bathroom in Lincoln? In choosing the flooring for your bathroom, you also consider the style and the durability of the material used. There is a major difference in choosing the flooring for your bathroom since the surface of the area must be waterproof. While doing the design for your dream bathroom, consider checking some flooring options that you can choose.

  3. VINYL

Most of the time, you may find your bathroom with some damages that need some fixing. Instead of fixing the damage, you may decide to remodel the entire area as a fresh start. But you may wonder how much does it cost to remodel a bathroom in Lincoln? To remodel a bathroom, it can cost an average from $4,500 to $10,000 and this depends on the total size and how big the project would be. Remodeling a bathroom may vary from different factors such as the condition of the entire area, the specific changes, and also the materials that will be used.

Nowadays, a bathroom remodel is one of the valuable investments that you can make for your own home. Even for a small bathroom, you may find this as a good project. With this, you would like to know how much does it cost to remodel a small bathroom in Lincoln? In a small bathroom, it typically ranges from $6,500 but it can start from $1,500 to $15,000. This would depend as well, for a high-end fixture, this would amount to $70 per square foot with DIY labor. A high-end fixture will be done by professionals and would sum up to $250 per square foot.

One of the questions that you would have in mind once you come to the point that you would like to have a new walk-in shower is how much does a walk-in shower cost Lincoln? Normally,the average cost of installing a walk-in shower would range between $2500 to $15000. This would also depend on how complex the project would be. The amount can still go up due to some factors that may contribute to the total cost.

There would be an instance that you would like to do something new for your bathroom. But before doing so, you would consult a professional and ask how much does a shower remodel cost Lincoln? Price would depend on what kind of remodel you would like and this can amount from $2,000 — $15,000.

Nowadays, you would make a professional consultation before doing the project. If you would like to make some change in your bathroom, one of the questions that you may ask is how much does it cost to remove and install a bathtub Lincoln? The bathtub is one of the important features of your bathroom and would like to make sure that you would get the best quality. The average cost to install a tub is $3,628 but this could range from $1,143 and $6,114 depending on the type of tub and changes that you need. The tub itself cost from $200 to 5,000 and up.

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